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Two fires in Yosemite National Park allowed to burn, replicating nature

by Bill Gabbert, Wildfire Today |

Two wildfires in Yosemite National Park are being managed without the intent to stop the spread. They are being allowed to replicate natural processes, restoring fire to the landscape.

It is a little too far out to predict with much certainty, but possibly by around Sept. 4-5, temperatures much higher than average for the date could affect large sections of the Western United States. If it is accompanied by low humidity and strong winds there could be a significant increase in the spread of existing wildfires. The situation bears watching as the forecasts become more certain.

Perhaps with that medium-range forecast in mind, fire managers at Yosemite are taking steps to modify the spread of two fires. Both of them have large swaths of granite out in front, but the rock does not present a 100-percent impenetrable barrier. However, under less than extreme conditions, the granite would at least greatly slow the spread of the fires.