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Officials: All wildfires in Northern Utah so far this year result of human activity

by Jeff Tavvs, KSTU-TV (Salt Lake City) |

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – Utah officials expressed concern Monday after seeing an increase in human-caused wildfires in 2021.

The Bureau of Land Management and Utah Forestry, Fire, and State Lands said that all of this year's 13 wildfires in northern Utah have been caused by humans.

Eight of the 13 wildfires were caused by target shooting, according to the BLM, while the other five were started by exploding targets.

“This year’s lack of precipitation in the West Desert and early increase in human-caused fires is concerning for wildfire officials, law enforcement, and land managers, said Geoff Wallin, BLM West Desert District fire management officer. “Vegetation is drying out very quickly after each precipitation event and becoming receptive to ignition only a couple of days later, resulting in high fire potential conditions.”

It is illegal to possess or use any kind of explosives, incendiary or chemical devices such as pyrotechnics or fireworks on BLM-managed lands.

Those responsible for causing the wildfires are being pursued and will be charged.

Because of low precipitation this winter, dry conditions are found across the state while the use of public lands is increasing.